Do you have a report, presentation, ad layout, website or other written piece that needs a final check for spelling and grammar? Tidycopy is your go-to partner for polished, error-free writing every time!


What does a proofreader do?

A proofreader follows a detail-oriented process that checks any written content for technical errors. We’re that essential “second set of eyes” that ensures your document projects a flawless, professional image to the reader. Even experienced writers need a reliable proofreading partner as it’s difficult to effectively check your own work.

When you hire tidycopy, we’ll review your document or artwork for:

CheckmarkSpelling & Grammar

CheckmarkPunctuation & Capitalization

CheckmarkSentence Structure (Syntax)

The tidycopy process:

File Upload Use our online form to send us your file and project requirements. We accept most popular document and design file types.

Check for Errors We will review your order and quickly assign your file to one of our experienced proofreaders to be checked.

Download File Once we receive payment, we’ll send you back a tidy file ready to be printed/published!

How long will it take?

That’s up to you! See our Pricing & Turnaround page for details.