Our Proofreaders

We’ve been called many things: “sticklers”, “grammar police”, “word nerds”. Of course, when it comes to business-critical or important personal documents, we’re who our friends and colleagues call for help.

Joe, tidycopy founder

Welcome to tidycopy!

As a professional copywriter I spend a lot of time with words. Every day I  get to work on a variety of writing and communication projects for small, entrepreneurial  companies and large, multinational corporations. These businesses are very different, but one thing they have in common is the need to communicate with a variety of audiences. Customers, prospects, shareholders, business partners, employees, the media…the list goes on.

Communication is at the heart of any successful business, and the quality of that communication influences how people perceive that business.

Over the years I’ve seen first-hand that many people are excellent communicators, but struggle with the technical side of writing. It’s unfortunate (and costly) when a compelling message is derailed by a wayward semicolon, typo or grammatical error, but it happens all the time. That’s why I founded tidycopy: to offer a quick and economical solution to help anyone achieve a professional level of polish with their writing.

Every proofreader on the tidycopy team has been hand-picked by me. I’d trust these folks to proofread my own writing, so you can trust them too. When you submit a project to tidycopy it gets assigned to an experienced, detail-oriented proofreader with the right background for your type of document. Your file is never farmed-out to an outside party and the confidentiality of your information is assured.

Give us a try today and I’m confident you’ll want to work with us again!

-Joseph Elkouby
Founder, tidycopy.com

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